Flip AZ

Republicans control the Arizona State House by one seat, and the State Senate by two. With just a few thousand votes in a few districts, we can take back power at the state capitol and put an end to the GOP's radical conservative agenda in our state.

The MiAZ Campaign

Arizona could be the state that decides this election. And Arizona organizers are ready to win. We're joining forces with partner organizations to mobilize one million Arizona voters and defeat Donald Trump. Join us!


Defending Voting Rights

The MiAZ coalition made history in Arizona in 2018, knocking on more than a million doors, as well as reaching millions of voters online and by text message.

Tell Legislators: We Need Vote by Mail Plus

In 2019 and 2020, Republicans in our state legislature introduced more than 40 bills designed to block Arizonans from exercising their right to vote and undermine our ballot initiative process.