PRESS RELEASES / June 13, 2018

Arizona Republican Legislator On Tape Saying “There Aren’t Enough White Kids to Go Around”

“There aren’t enough white kids to go around.” “Immigration today represents an existential threat to the United States.” “Immigration is politically destabilizing.”

These are some of the racists and xenophobic comments that Republican Legislator David Stringer was recently caught making on camera.  The video was shared on Facebook by David Schapira. In the video, Representative David Stringer claims there are too many “minorities” in our schools and that “there aren’t enough white kids to go around.”

The video can be viewed here.

“These comments from David Stringer show the true colors of today’s Republican party–it’s a party of radicalism, xenophobia, and frankly, racism.  Stringer’s racist and paranoid comments that we must protect the white race or America will be taken over are dangerous, fear mongering and hateful. That he thinks it’s acceptable to attack children in our schools is despicable and he should be ashamed. It should go without saying that all children deserve an education, regardless of their skin color,.” said Josselyn Berry, Co-Director for ProgressNow Arizona

David Stringer has a history of making offensive remarks. Last March, he said teaching is an easy, part-time job. That same month he also claimed student newspapers were liberal propaganda machines.



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