PRESS RELEASES / November 30, 2018

Arizona Republican State Representative Caught on Tape Making Bigoted Comments

Says African-Americans “Don’t Blend In” and English Language Learners Are a “Burden”

Phoenix–Another day, another bigoted remark from an Arizona Republican. Today, the Phoenix New Times reported that it received a recording of Republican state representative David Stringer saying a number of racist comments.

On the recording, Stringer can be heard saying African-Americans “don’t blend in,” non-native English speaking students a “burden,” and that Somali-Americans don’t look like “every other kid.” This is the same legislator who earlier this year said Arizona schools don’t have enough white kids, and that immigration is the biggest threat to America today.

“David Stringer continues to be a disgrace to Arizona and he should resign immediately,” said Josselyn Berry, co-director of ProgressNow Arizona.