PRESS RELEASES / September 24, 2018

Doug Ducey Should Stand With Women, Survivors and Revoke His Support for Brett Kavanaugh

Phoenix–Statement from Josselyn Berry, Co-Director at ProgressNow Arizona:

“With Brett Kavanaugh now facing four possible allegations of sexual misconduct, it is crystal clear that he should not be named to a lifetime position on the Supreme Court. Doug Ducey said last week that he supports Kavanaugh, and Ducey recently appointed Jon Kyl, who played a key role in steering Kavanaugh’s nomination, to the U.S. Senate. Earlier this month, when asked by local press, Doug Ducey maintained his support of Kavanaugh, despite the sexual assault allegation brought by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and said it was a “Washington issue.” This is not a “Washington issue.” This is an issue that affects women across the country and women in Arizona. At this point, continued support for Kavanaugh is completely unacceptable. Ducey can either stand with women and survivors – or stand against them. For now, his silence speaks volumes.”