BLOG / May 31, 2020

Last Week This Morning: Divest from police

By Emily Kirkland

Another young person gone. Dion Johnson was killed by Department of Public Safety officers in Phoenix early on Monday morning. 

Death after death at the hands of the Phoenix police. The Phoenix police department is among the deadliest in the country.

A pattern of escalation. Over the last week, police have consistently escalated violence against protestors and journalists all over the country, including in PhoenixIt’s not the first time.

Say his name. Tony McDade, a Black transgender man, was killed by police in Tallahassee on Wednesday. 

Divest from police. To keep people safe, we need to shift money away from police departments and towards community programs and alternative responses to emergencies.

“We fear that a couple years’ sentence will become a death sentence”. COVID-19 cases in Arizona’s prisons have doubled in the past week. This is what is happening on the inside.  

Demand the release of people in detention centers and prisons. Join Puente Arizona’s ongoing actions to #FreeThemAll.

Get folks out of jail. Donate to the bail fund for Phoenix protestors.

Defund the Phoenix police. Tell the Phoenix City Council to move money away from policing and towards health, parks, and community resources.

Hear from Phoenix activists. Join Monday’s 8 pm townhall on ongoing violence targeting the Black community.

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