BLOG / July 9, 2020

Last Week This Morning: “I’ve run out of tears”

By Emily Kirkland

Civilian oversight yes, defunding the police no. The Phoenix City Council voted last week to fully fund civilian oversight of the police, but also moved forward on a $25 million increase in the police budget.

“Not viewed negatively within the Phoenix police department.” The Phoenix police department is banning chokeholds, despite the police union insisting that if they don’t have a problem with the technique, neither should anyone else. 

“We can’t stop living.” Arizona has become one of the nation’s biggest coronavirus hotspots, but Governor Ducey won’t pause our re-opening or even wear a mask to the press conferences.

Compounded cruelty. In the middle of a pandemic, the Trump administration is moving forward with a new rule allowing healthcare providers to discriminate against trans patients. 

“I’ve run out of tears.” Ricardo Aguirre has lost 5 family members to the coronavirus and is pleading for Governor Ducey to act and for ordinary Arizonans to take it seriously.

Stay healthy. Stay home when you can, wear a mask when you can’t and make sure your friends and family do the same.

Contribute what you can. Donate to the Black People’s Justice Fund.

Support local organizations in the fight for racial justice. This is a movement, not a moment. Start following Black Phoenix Organizing Collective, Poder in Action and Black Lives Matter Phoenix Metro, among others. If you’re white, consider joining White People Against White Supremacy (WhitePAWS).

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