BLOG / August 23, 2020

Last Week This Morning: Martha McSally wants you to skip lunch

By Emily Kirkland

Where the ballot measures stand. Invest in Ed and marijuana legalization will be on the November ballot, while initiatives related to healthcare and sentencing reform will not. 

An effort to keep outbreak numbers artificially low in Arizona’s prisons. Inmates in Yuma say that they were threatened with violence and repercussions if they got tested for COVID-19. 

The Phoenix police mocked Muhammad Muhaymin, then murdered him. None of the officers involved have been fired or arrested.

Martha McSally sets a new world record for tone-deafness. During an economic crisis that has left many people hungry, she suggested that Arizonans should “fast a meal” to save money to donate to her campaign. 

“My father’s only pre-existing condition was trusting Donald Trump.” Kristin Urquiza’s remarks at this week’s Democratic National Convention were searing and heartbreaking. 

Demand justice in the case of Muhammad Muhaymin. Call for the officers who took part in the murder to be fired & arrested.

“We are still here.” Join the press conference and march on Wednesday to demand justice for the lives taken by the Phoenix police department.

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