BLOG / June 7, 2020

Last Week This Morning: Peril, pain & possibility

By Emily Kirkland

A moment of tremendous pain, peril and possibility. The last week has seen the largest, most widespread protests in American history – even during a massive pandemic that has kept many at home. 

Trump’s authoritarian instincts. At a certain point, playacting becomes all too real.

Demanding justice in Arizona. Elected officials are pushing for an investigation into Dion Johnson’s killing at the hands of Department of Public Safety officers last week, and asking Governor Ducey to convene a special session on dealing with police violence.

COVID-19 hasn’t gone away. Cases are increasing in Arizona. Stay home as much as you can, self-isolate if you feel sick and wear a mask whenever you go out. 

When the police are the ones escalating. Over the last two weeks, police have chased after and beaten protesters with little or no provocation on hundreds of occasions. Then lied about it.

Sign the petition. Representative Walt Blackman is under fire for offensive comments referring to the #BlackLivesMatter movement as a “terrorist organization” & talking about George Floyd’s “criminal background and criminal intent.” Sign the petition asking him to resign.

Call your City Councilmember. Ask the Phoenix City Council to fully fund police oversight and increase funding for community programs instead of adding to the police budget.  

Contribute what you can. Donate to the Black People’s Justice Fund.

Support local organizations. Start following Black Phoenix Organizing Collective, Arizona Coalition for Change and Black Lives Matter Phoenix Metro. If you’re white, consider joining White People Against White Supremacy (WhitePAWS).

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