BLOG / July 19, 2020

Last Week This Morning: Rest in Power

By Emily Kirkland

Rest in power. John Lewis and Rev. C.T. Vivian both passed away this weekend. As writer Adam Serwer says, they deserve to be counted among American’s founders: they led a revolution that remade American democracy.

Arizona deserves better than this. In the middle of a devastating crisis, our state and federal governments are floundering.

Vote no on Catherine Miranda. Anti-choice, corporate-backed politician Catherine Miranda endorsed Doug Ducey in 2014. Now she’s running for state representative in the LD27 Democratic primary.

Another fatal police shooting in Phoenix. Ryan Whittaker had his hands up when he was shot in the back by Phoenix police.

 “I will not stand by and watch Arizona become some kind of national experiment.” Students and teachers speak out about the dangers of re-opening schools, especially without sufficient resources and when the pandemic is still raging out of control. 

Vote! If you received your ballot by mail, mail your ballot by July 29 for the August 4 state primary election! (Haven’t gotten it? There are still a few days left to request a mail ballot.

Check out the Progress Score. Use our new tool to see how your state legislators voted on the issues that mattered this year.

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