BLOG / August 9, 2020

Last Week This Morning: Trump’s BS executive orders

By Emily Kirkland

“Unconstitutional slop.” Yesterday, Trump announced a series of legally dubious and likely unworkable executive orders on unemployment, payroll taxes and evictions. The executive orders come after months of Republicans in Congress refusing to negotiate over COVID-19 relief and then blocking Democratic proposals for being too generous. 

“Protecting” people with pre-existing conditions. Trump also issued an executive order to replicate something that’s already written into law…and that his own administration is suing to eliminate. 

A promising primary election. Progressives succeeded in beating corporate cash in several important state legislative primaries, and Joe Arpaio was defeated in his attempt to come back as sheriff. 

Shameful. Arizona Corrections announced that half of those incarcerated at a Tucson prison have COVID-19, and timed the release for when journalists would be focused on primary election results.

“Let’s go!” Watch the moment that Gabriella Cázares-Kelly, who ran a campaign centered on equity and justice, learned that she would likely be the next Pima County Recorder. 

Help flip the state legislature. Join Civic Engagement Beyond Voting for their phonebanking event later today!

Learn about the fight to end for-profit prisons and detention centers. Join Puente next Saturday for a community roundtable on abolishing the private prison industry. 

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